Direct Response Writing
Writing That Turns Prospects Into Customers
Relevant and Valuable Content
Writing that resonates with your readers
Writing That Generates Sales
Enjoy more revenue to grow your business

Sales Letters

PERSUASIVE MARKETING MESSAGES. Let your content sell for you 24/7 using the power of the written word.

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Sales Emails

EMAILS THAT BUILD TRUST. Build relationship with your subscribers, with emails that create trust.

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Website Content

RELEVANT TEXT. Give your website content a touch of direct marketing especially if you sell something.

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Marketing and Innovation

In business, we see lots of things need to be done. Many things seemingly important, each one demanding our attention. But let’s not fool ourselves. There are mainly two things that an entrepreneur should focus on: marketing and innovation. … marketing because this will lead to more sales. … innovation because this will lead to […]

God is in control

Every morning, just after waking up, I like to read the Bible or something inspirational. One book currently on my table is “God Is My CEO – Following God’s Principles In A Bottom-Line World. – by Larry Julian” Now, I haven’t finished reading this book yet. But I came across this part of the book […]