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From the desk of Buen Rendon III

Dear Business Leader,

Do You Want A Sales Letter That Converts Your Leads Into Paying Customers?

If so, maybe I can help.

“I can help craft your marketing message correctly – making sure it resonates with your audience, and turn your leads into paying customers.”

We can tap into the practical in-the-trenches marketing lessons I learned along the way writing copy in various industries since 2010.






  • Let me help you make your “offer” irresistible (your prospects will not find your pitch too salesy—instead, they’ll welcome the opportunity to do business with you).

  • Let us implement tried-and-tested, response-boosting secrets for your sales copy (either for sales letters or your emails).

  • We can tap on the desires of your readers so your sales letters can laser-target your prospect’s deepest desires, motivations and fears.
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As renowned business guru Peter Drucker mentions in his book “The Practice of Management” — he declares there is only one purpose of a business: to create a customer.

Let me help you create customers for your business.

I can make it happen because I’m not your usual writer.

-Buen Rendon

P.S. I also write blog articles that are relevant to your industry. If this is what you need, just let me know.

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