Why work with me?

If you’re looking for a marketing guy who can help you get more sales, you’re in the right place.

To be frank with you, I’d be of most help to your business if you have a good product/service and the right audience you can present your offer to. So just to be clear, it is in this context that I can help you generate more sales.

The sales letter, email or direct mail copy I will be able to produce for your business will be crafted in line with core direct response marketing principles that have stood the test of time.

Here’s what I can guarantee when I write sales copy for your business:

  •  your marketing message will resonate with your readers, allowing them to see your product or service as the ANSWER to their specific problems (this is critical for them to realize that you are someone who truly understands what they need so that their specific problems will be solved)
  • your offer or proposition will be presented clearly so that your prospects will appreciate the value you are providing to them (… what is missing in most sales copy you see around is CLARITY, which is a top requirement to influence & persuade your prospects to buy from you)
  • your customers will feel they can trust you and that they are transacting with someone that actually cares for them (remember, people like to do business with someone who sincerely wants to help them, and not just there to make the sale. And I can craft your letter with this in mind)

If you feel I may be the kind of sales writer you’re looking for, send me an email and let me know more about your business.

Email me at bmr@onlinesalesletterwriter.com or at bmrcopywriter@gmail.com

To your business success,