Marketing Brain

My writing is mainly influenced by John Carlton’s style. I took his 2-month course with coaching way back in 2010.

But yes, a sales copywriter needs to know more than just “writing.”

That’s why I invested in learning all about marketing through these high end training programs:

1.) HMA Marketing Consultancy Course (a course created by Richard Johnson – a student of Jay Abraham – in cooperation with Michael Senoff. )

2.) EADIM 2011 by Drayton Bird (Drayton – already a copywriting legend – worked with the famous Davig Ogilvy)

3.) The System’s Internet Marketing Core Training by Ken McCarthy (Ken is the first ever to have held an online marketing seminar)

4.) IM Monthly Mentor Club by Terry Dean (More than 18 years in Internet Marketing, and definitely one of the good guys out there)

5.) Other Digital Marketing Training – Adwords, Analytics, SEO, Social Media, Conversion Optimization, etc.(with certificates)

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