God is in control

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Every morning, just after waking up, I like to read the Bible or something inspirational.

One book currently on my table is “God Is My CEO – Following God’s Principles In A Bottom-Line World. – by Larry Julian”

Now, I haven’t finished reading this book yet.

But I came across this part of the book that I’ve got to share with you:

“Quite simply, we have no control over yesterday and no control of tomorrow. We can only do those things that are within our control today. When we wake up in the morning, we can review the most important issues we have pressing for that day. Then prioritize and divide these responsibilities into two categories: things within my control that I will do today, and things outside my control that I will give to God today. Finally, we just work all the things that are within our authority to do.”

If we live the day knowing God has a plan for our lives and is in control of all our circumstances, we can learn to cooperate with the uncertainty of a sale, job promotion, or other change by performing the tasks we have in front of us. The uncertainty cannot rob us of the importance of the moment.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Now, we can see clearly: Life holds a lot of promise.

The challenges, problems and setbacks we are facing don’t matter as much.

Because our God is in control. And he has plans for us to prosper…


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